2015 UNA Front Porch Storytelling Festival

It is time to get out your calendars and make plans to join us for one of our favorite events of the year! Our 5th annual UNA Front Porch Storytelling Festival will take place on May 15 and 16, 2015. This UNA event has become a tradition filled with laughter and one-of-a-kind memories. We are excited to be hosting a variety of professional storytellers as well as musicians that are sure to captivate you. Come embark on a journey to different times and places through the vivid stories of our very talented friends. Join us on our front porch as we relax and reminisce the good old days and the simple enjoyment of a great story!

What is Storytelling?

If this will be your first time attending a storytelling event, you may be curious of what exactly you should expect. Storytelling is seen in various forms throughout history. It holds its place as a special way of communicating in a way that tellers are able to paint visual images in the audience's imagination. A common objective of storytellers is to convey morals through their messages and provide their listeners with a little food for thought. 

Some of our special guests base their tales on fiction while others prefer to share true stories. Whether focusing on the humor of daily life or sharing historical accounts, the variety of our festival will be sure to satisfy guests of all ages. Among the different storytelling styles, one fact remains as a common denominator between them is that you can expect emotion evoking messages that will leave you in awe!



May 15-16, 2015

The University of North Alabama
Florence, Alabama