Involuntary Withdrawal Policy

The University of North Alabama may at times find itself faced with a situation in which a student’s behavior inside and/or outside the classroom demonstrates that he or she poses a potential threat of harm to him/herself or others, or creates a pattern of extreme disruption. In these situations it may be appropriate and necessary to initiate an involuntary withdrawal from the University.

If such behavior constitutes a violation of University Code of Conduct, the case may first be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for initial investigation. Based on the Student Conduct inquiry the student may than be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs for further intervention.  If the student’s behavior occurs in the absence of any violation of Code of Conduct, the Vice President for Student Affairs will investigate the situation and the effect of behavior(s) on the student and the University community.

The Vice President may choose to conduct a personal interview with the student or to assemble the Campus Assistance Referral and Evaluation (CARE) Team in order to gather more information.  The CARE Team will consist of the Vice President of Student Affairs (Chair), the University Counselor, the Director of University Police, the Director of Student Conduct, Executive Director of the Health and Wellness Center, Director of Residence Life, and other concerned constituents as identified by the Vice President. The CARE Team will recommend to the Vice President of Student Affairs a course of action to address the individual student’s behavior. The CARE Team action plan may include the student’s signing an agreement to a specific success plan or the immediate involuntary withdrawal of the student from the University, along with conditions for readmission.

Permission for readmission will typically be based on the student’s demonstration of a period (at least one semester) of stable behavior outside the University and shall require a statement from a physician, psychologist, and/or other qualified professionals external to the campus who can render an opinion that the student is ready to return and cope with University life.  Conditions for follow-up services may be required as part of the readmission decision.

It is understood that involuntary withdrawal for a student from the campus will be undertaken as a last resort. Every effort will be made to help the student understand the consequences of their behavior, make responsible decisions, and develop skills that will allow him or her to function within the University community.