Social Policy for Organizations

While the University’s role is to assist students to develop satisfying lifestyles to equip them for a better quality of life, it cannot and should not stand in the place of a parent. University students, as citizens of the community, of the state and of the nation are, like any other adults, expected to be aware of and to abide by pertinent laws and University regulations. The University expects students to conduct themselves at all times as responsible adults, and to realize that they may be subject to civil or criminal liability resulting from violation of alcohol and controlled substance laws. Such liability may exist independently of any disciplinary action taken by the University for violation of its regulations.

The following regulations regarding planned social functions held off campus and on the University of North Alabama campus or on property controlled, owned, or operated by the University shall apply to all student organizations, whether social, academic, honorary or otherwise, recognized by the University and all UNA Greek-letter social organizations, whether or not housed on university property:

 Guests List
All social functions where alcoholic beverages shall be served or permitted to be consumed shall be by individual invitation only. Parties or other social functions where alcoholic beverages are served or permitted to be consumed cannot be open to non- members without a specific individual invitation. A typed guest list must be compiled prior to the event and be made available upon request by a university official. The guest list must be turned in to the Office of Student Life by noon on the next business day following the function. Open parties are prohibited.

Drinks and Beverages

  1. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. This restriction applies to all of the various methods of charging for drinks, including charging admission to parties, selling drink tickets, asking for donations, charging for food or other items while providing drinks free, or otherwise obtaining payment or reimbursement of any kind for alcoholic beverages.
  2. Alternative beverages such as soft drinks, nonalcoholic punches and the like must be readily available at all times during parties or social functions at which alcoholic beverages are being consumed.
  3. Ample quantities of snack foods, such as meats, brownies, cookies, cheeses, fruits, sandwiches and raw vegetables or hors d’oeuvres must be readily available in several locations at all times during a party at which alcoholic beverages may be consumed.
  4. Glass container will be prohibited at all social events with alcohol.
  5. No common source of alcohol should be provided such as but not limited to hunch punch, keg, etc.
  6. Hard liquor should be prohibited from all “Bring Your Own Beverage” social events.
  7. In the event that alcoholic beverages become present at a function that originated as a non-alcoholic function, it is the responsibility of the organization’s executive officers to see that all rules governing functions where alcoholic beverages are involved be enforced.

No publicity on or off-campus concerning parties or social functions sponsored by a University-recognized organization shall include any reference, by words or pictures, to alcoholic beverages. Violation of this policy will result in an automatic fine of $150.00.

Risk Management Team
A group of not less than six (6) members of the organization will be responsible for monitoring the event. At least two members of the risk management team must be executive officers. At least two members of the risk management team must be 21 years of age. These individuals monitoring the event will not be allowed to consume any alcohol prior or during the event. Their duties will include:

  1. Checking identification of members and guests.
  2. Distributing wristbands to the individuals of drinking age.
  3. Coordinating the transportation of members and guests leaving the event intoxicated.
  4. Wearing distinctive clothing, such as brightly colored shirts or hats, to identify themselves at all times.
  5. Introducing themselves to the Public Safety officer(s), if the event is held on campus and requiring Public Safety.

Registering the Event
To better ensure that organizations implement appropriate risk-management measures, any function sponsored by a student organization, at which alcohol is served or permitted to be consumed must be registered on the Student Organization Activity Registration form with the Office of Student Life no later than 12 noon five (5) business days prior to the function.

Activities held on or off campus, sponsored by a recognized University student organization, must be concluded no later than 12 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday when events may go on until 3 a.m., and must have the approval of the person(s) in charge of the facility where the function is to be held. On-campus activities will be limited to six hours.

No event is permitted without the knowledge and approval of the faculty/staff advisor of the sponsoring organization.

Each organization assumes full responsibility for the activities and behavior of all persons in attendance at its events. If situations should arise that prove damaging or embarrassing to person(s) in attendance, to the organization itself, or to the University, disciplinary procedures against the organization will be instituted by the appropriate judicial board or by the appropriate administrative officers of the University.

Organizations shall not sponsor or co-sponsor any function with any beverage distributor or brewing company or lend the organization’s name to any such activity at which beverage alcohol is available, with or without charge or donation. This restriction applies to all activities, including, but not limited to, functions conducted for the benefit of charities and like causes.