Social Policy for Organizations

The following regulations regarding planned social functions held off campus and on the University of North Alabama campus or on property controlled, owned, or operated by the University shall apply to all student organizations, whether social, academic, honorary or otherwise, recognized by the University and all UNA Greek-letter social organizations, whether or not housed on university property:

 In addition to adhering to all Local, State, and Federal Laws regarding alcohol consumption, Student Organizations that plan to host an event or events where alcohol will be consumed must meet the following requirements:

a.  The Student Organization must notify Student Engagement at annual registration of their intent to host events where alcohol will be consumed.

b.  The Student Organization must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance including a Host Liquor Liability with $1 million minimum coverage.

c.  The Student Organization must schedule a special meeting with Student Engagement to review the Event Guidelines for organizations that Intend to Consume Alcohol (published by Fraternity & Sorority Life).

d.  The organization must adhere to all guidelines outlined in the Events Guidelines for Organizations that Intend to Consume Alcohol published by Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Student groups are never permitted to have open-invitation gatherings/socials/events where alcohol may be consumed.