Kaylin graduated from UNA in 2018 with a degree in Secondary Education concentrated in Biology. She is currently working as a graduate assistant in the Department of Secondary Education as she is also pursuing her master’s degree in Biology Education. Kaylin has studied abroad with UNA to Zimbabwe as well as traveled on a short-term trip with UNA to Honduras. She enjoys all sports and outdoor activities and is looking forward to beginning this year's Alternative Breaks experience.
Ashlyn is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice. She is from Birmingham, AL. Ashlyn is part of the Criminal Justice Students' Association and Sigma Alpha Iota. This will be her third year with Alternative Breaks and she is excited to be on the first Exec Board as the Site Leader Lead. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, playing with her dog and cat, reading, and watching Netflix. She is ready to have a wonderful year with Alternative Breaks!
Maryann is a junior and a history major. She plans to get her master's degree in education to become a high school teacher. She was raised in Section, Alabama but has spent the last 4 years in Sheffield, Alabama. Her first alternative break experience was the Spring service break to Roanoke, Virginia in 2019. She loves cats and reading books. She has worked as a lifeguard for 4 years at Sheffield Recreational Center. Maryann will be coordinating special programs on the Exec Board this year!


Julia is a Junior from Florence, Alabama majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She collects coffee mugs and fun socks and enjoys baking and watching Netflix. Her first Alternative Breaks experience was to Tahlequah, Oklahoma focusing on Native American Youth Education. She loved every second of it and is excited to be serving on exec this year! 

Alyssa is a sophomore from Killen, Alabama. She is majoring in music education and minoring in music performance. She plans to get her doctorate degree and become a collegiate director of bands. Her first Alternative Breaks experience was the 2020 spring break to Peru which was sadly cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She loves animals, music, and volunteering. Alyssa is grateful for the opportunity that Alternative Breaks has given her and is excited to lead a domestic Winter Break service break this year!
Charlie is a senior majoring in communication studies.  Charlie is involved on campus as a SOAR Counselor, LaGrange Society Captain, and President of the Student Alumni Association. After graduating, he plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration with a focus in Student Affairs.  His first alternative break experience was last winter to Maryville, TN.  This program has taught him about the importance of service leadership and the impact each of us have on the world around us! Charlie will be leading a domestic Spring service break in 2021! 
Grace is a junior studying Music Education. She is from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Grace is involved with UNA Bands, a member of the Honors College, the Honors Student Organization, and Tau Beta Sigma. She first became involved with Alternative Breaks in 2019 when she went to Roanoke VA. She is excited to be co-leading a service break with Marissa this spring!
Kaitlyn F
Kaitlyn is a senior studying Fashion Merchandising from Florence, Alabama. She is a Student Leadership Consultant, Chief Justice of SGA, and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. Some fun facts about her is that she loves to hike, has been sewing for almost 10 years, and has three dogs. Kaitlyn has been part of Alternative Breaks for one year and served in Maryville, Tennessee. What Kaitlyn loves about Alternative Breaks is that you are able to participate in something bigger than yourself and really make a difference in communities! She will be leading a Spring Break domestic service break with Kaylie. 
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn is from Greenbrier, TN! She is a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a double minor in Business Administration and Art for Interior Design. Kaitlyn is the VP of Event Management for Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and she also tutors in the Success Center! She went on the 2020 winter service break to Fairhope, AL where she got to work with the Weeks Bay Research Reserve to help clean up the estuaries and beaches in the area. Kaitlyn says that it was such a great experience and she is so excited to be leading a service break this year!
Kaylie is a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and the Honors College. She loves to read, travel, and spend time with her family and friends. Kaylie’s first AB service break was in 2020 to Fairhope, Alabama. Her favorite thing about Alternative Breaks is how it allows you to meet new people and extend your scope of service to outside of your home communities.  She will be leading a Spring Break domestic service break with Kaitlyn Fennell. 
Lexie is a graduate student at UNA pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Therapy. She previously received a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Family Studies from UNA. She grew up volunteering in her community and has since expanded that to the Shoals throughout her college career. Lexie previously served with Alternative Breaks in Desab, Haiti. When asked about that experience she said: "AB opened my heart and mind to service-oriented travel. Diving into the world of a community that you never imagined connecting with shows you just how small you are, and how we can all help and connect with each other if we try." Lexie has since traveled with UNA to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Greece and hopes to continue exploring the world and seeking new experiences through others. She will be leading a Spring Break international service break.

Marissa is a sophomore majoring in Professional Biology minor in Chemistry. Her hopes are to get into veterinary school after graduation. She is currently a member of the Marching Pride, so music is her passion outside of science. She is also an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi. Marissa got to experience a winter service break this past February, which introduced her to so many new experiences and friendships that she will never forget. She is so excited to be able to co-lead her own break this year during Spring Break!
Nikki is a graduate student majoring in Professional Studies with a concentration in Higher Education.  She graduated in May of 2019 with her Bachelors  of Business Administration in Accounting.  She is currently serving as the Graduate Assistant for Alternative Breaks. Her first service break was to Desab, Haiti in 2018. She then led a service break to Guatemala in 2019. Her hobbies include napping and eating pizza.
Bethany is the Assistant Director in Student Engagement for Community Service and Outreach programs. She has been working directly with the Alternative Breaks program for eight years and has had the opportunity to watch it grow while getting to know the incredible students that have been part of it. In addition to Alternative Breaks, Bethany also coordinates food pantry efforts, facilitates on and off campus service experiences, and collaborates with other departments on campus to create meaningful community engagement opportunities.