COVID-19 Operations

We miss seeing everyone face-to-face and are looking forward to the day that we can be back on campus together! Though our office staff are working remotely during this time, please know that you can still get in contact with us! 

Spring 2019 Refunds

  • How will you receive your refund? We will be cutting checks for everyone and sending them to your home addresses.
  • What if my group ordered t-shirts? You should have received your money back from the t-shirt sales so that you can refund those that ordered one from you. (Michigan group: your shirts were already ordered prior to everything closing, so you will get your shirts. However, we aren’t sure when, so you will still be getting your money back and the AB program will cover the cost of the shirts.) *Please talk to your Site Leaders if you have not gotten your money back. 
  • What if I received donations from the solicitation letters? When we put the checks in the mail, we will e-mail everyone that received donations with a list of the person, address, and amount donated. Your refund will include the amount donated, so this will be your responsibility to make sure that they are refunded their money.
  • What is the earliest I could get my refund check? Due to the state of Alabama's shelter in place order, the refund process is currently delayed. Updates will be shared via e-mail as things change. 
There are plenty of opportunities to serve and volunteers even from a remote distance! Check out the Community Service webpage to find out more information about volunteer opportunities and ways to stay engaged!

Because UNA has moved to remote classes for the remainder of spring semester and summer classes, we will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help get your food needs covered. Please contact Bethany Green at or fill out this form to make necessary arrangements. 

For additional information about food pantry and basic needs, visit our pantry website here

  1. Chapter & Council Spring Events: All events have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. The linked Google document includes a list of headquarter guidance from each organization. Click here for the Google doc
  2. Council Meetings: Meetings have been moved online and will continue as scheduled. Information about the meetings is on the Fraternity and Sorority Life calendar here.
  3. Virtual Spring Programming:
    1. CPH Week of Giving
  4. Fall Recruitment/Intake: Every council's process for fall recruitment/intake is unchanged. 
    1. College Panhellenic Council (registration opens April 20)
    2. Independent Greek Council
    3. Interfraternity Council
    4. National Pan-Hellenic Council
  5. Housing: Appleby sorority residence halls are closed for the semester. See Housing and Residence Life updates here. All IFC fraternity houses are still open for residents; however, access to the facilities is limited to residents only.

Planning meetings will be held virtually on Zoom to develop the calendar and mailer.  Virtual meeting times, the calendar draft, and electronic registration forms can be found on the Mane Month webpage here

The annual Miss Alabama competition is traditionally held during the month of June. It is currently uncertain if this plan will change. As details are confirmed, we will update our Miss UNA webpage here

  • There are no changes to how to submit allocations or when the form is open or closed.   The committee is virtually reviewing requests for Mane Month. 
  • If you have questions or issues, follow the same instructions for assistance as listed in the Student Allocation Manual. (Note our main number has changed for remote operations to 256-765-4948.)
  • Any travel requests for the summer will be reviewed, but may not be approved (dependent on travel restrictions).
  • Cancelled events may be moved to the fall semester if vendors/speakers/artists are available and agree.  Any additional costs associated with moving an event must be paid by the organization.
  • Groups will not be penalized (beyond the loss of opportunity to hold the event or travel) for events or travels that were fully approved and then cancelled due to COVID19. 

SGA Senate business meetings will be conducted at the normal time via Zoom and broadcasted on UNA SGA Facebook Live while in session.  Inauguration will also proceed on Facebook Live.


  • All organizations are encouraged to conduct events virtually and utilize the Presence platform to advertise. 
  • Student Organizations that are booking space for future events should submit a request using the forms on the GUC Operations Page and submit them electronically to and their on-campus advisor.


  • Student Organizations are encouraged to continue conducting business and hosting events virtually.  Resources and instructional videos for utilizing remote resources can be found here
  • We are exploring electronic solutions for organizations that are utilizing agency accounts. 

The University Awards Gala, scheduled for April 28, 2020, is cancelled.  However, the University Awards Gala committee is working on the following plan of action to recognize the award recipients.

  1. On April 28, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., there will be a live stream announcing the award winners through the UNA SGA Facebook page.
  2. The committee is working on developing a video that will be placed on a website at a later date.  Details will be sent out when the information is confirmed and available.
  3. Award recipients will be contacted next week to inform them that they are a recipient of an award and the details of how they will be recognized will be provided.
  4. Awards will be mailed to recipients at a later date.

If you should have any questions, please contact Tammy Jacques at 

The University Programming Council is working hard to plan virtual events! Check their Presence page to find updates on events that you can be part of remotely.