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Interested in becoming a Miss UNA contestant?

The 2019 Miss UNA Registration Packet will be available in June.

Click here to download the 2019 Miss UNA Registration Packet.

All packets are due to the Office of Student Engagement by 4pm October 24, 2019

Contestants must participate in raising funds for CMNH.  For information click the Miss America Icon below:

Miss America

Any woman interested in competing for the title of Miss UNA must realize and recognize the fact that for the year (a year is equivalent to the period of time extending from the 2017 to 2018 Miss UNA Pageant) of her potential reign she will and must be Miss UNA, rather than herself. She must maintain immaculate personal grooming whether on campus, going shopping, or on any personal errands. She is Miss UNA wherever she goes and must look the part. Miss UNA is, in a way, a celebrity, a name, and a public servant, all of which must supersede her personal life, desires and former commitments.




MISS UNA must follow these standards:

1. Present a warm, friendly attitude and welcoming presence during her appearances and in public, as she can always be identified or introduced as Miss UNA.
2. Present herself in all public matters and forums with respect, decorum, and class. Miss UNA must present herself (appearances, media interviews, social networking sites, etc.) in a manner that does not draw negative attention to her words or image. She will refrain from using slang and curse words, public gossiping, and allowing/posing/posting of controversial pictures of herself.
3. Provide her own wardrobe requirements over and above those provided by the University and sponsor wardrobe allowance.
4. Maintain her wardrobe in a cleaned and pressed condition.
5. Maintain her body as to be free from visible tattoos and body piercing (except ears) and to maintain personal fitness.
6. Agree that her services are extraordinary and unique and there is no adequate remedy at law for a breach of this agreement, and in the event of such a breach or attempted or threatened breach, the Miss UNA Pageant will be entitled to equitable relief by terminating her right to the title of Miss UNA and therefore relinquishing all scholarships and prizes awarded.

1. Emcee for University Program Council’s Step Sing
2. Attend Freshman and Transfer Orientation Express (SOAR). If Miss UNA is not able to attend, she must contact the first runner up to cover her appearances during sessions.
3. Attend Preview Day. If Miss UNA is not able to attend, she must contact the first runner up to cover her appearance.
4. Appear and share talent with the Junior Miss Pageant, at both rehearsal and pageant night.
5. Attend all contestant interest meetings for the Miss UNA Pageant.
6. Responsible for planning and implementing a fundraiser for the Miss UNA Pageant.
7. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 and full-time status throughout the Miss UNA reign.
8. It is further understood that, should a breach in this agreement be executed by the reigning Miss UNA and/or willful disregard to the rules and regulations set forth by the Miss UNA Pageant, all claims to unused prizes, scholarships, and awards will revert to the Miss UNA Pageant and the first runner-up may be declared her successor in such an event.
9. Ascertain permission and written approval of the Miss UNA Pageant Director to utilize a pageant coach or outside assistance in preparation for the Miss Alabama Pageant.
*First Runner Up Note: In the event the First Runner-up to Miss UNA is asked to fulfill the role and duties as Miss UNA, the First Runner-up will be entitled to all unused scholarship monies and prizes that were given to the originally crowned Miss UNA. The university and Miss UNA sponsors are not required to provide the exact original scholarships and prizes to the First Runner-up if they are asked to fulfill the duties of Miss UNA.