Starting a New Student Organization

Proposals for new Student Organizations are accepted year round, but reviewed between September 1st and 15th for fall annual registration and reviewed between January 15th and 31st for Spring annual registration.  Students interested in forming a new organization at UNA should contact the Student Engagement Center to schedule a consultation with a Student Leadership Consultant and obtain a copy of the Recognized Student Organization and Student Activity Handbook and the Starting a New Student Organization packet.  The handbook is available on the Student Engagement Center website at under the Student Organization Resources tab. 

After submitting a proposal, chartering students may request to schedule small interest meeting spaces up to 3 times on-campus by submitting the GUC Request form to the Student Engagement desk. 

Chartering students will receive an email once the Starting a New Student Organization packet is reviewed by Student Engagement.  Note that new organizations must enhance the mission and purpose of the institution in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Develop the personal empowerment of those participating
  • Develop the academic/career competency of those involved
  • Develop social/civic responsibility of those involved
  • Continue to improve the effectiveness of the university community

Registering a New Student Organization

  1. To register a new organization, students must review the new organization proposal form

    This packet requires the following documents be attached:  

    1. A roster of at least 3 full-time enrolled students who wish to charter/found the proposed organization.  This roster should include first and last name, university email address, contact phone number, and student L-number. 
    2. Agreement of a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as the organization’s advisor. 
    3. A draft constitution under which the proposed organization plans to operate (sample constitution) .  For organizations that are unique to UNA, the constitution must match the format of the Student Organization Constitution Checklist (available from the Student Organization webpage and Student Engagement).  Organizations affiliated with an inter/national organization may utilize the format approved by their affiliated organization. 
    4. Organizations affiliated with an inter/national organization or governing board must submit a letter of authorization from the inter/national organization or external governing board.  These letters should be on the inter/national organization’s official letterhead and it should identify a point of contact for the inter/national organization or governing board
Start a New Organization Guide

These documents will be reviewed in September or January.  Once reviewed, the chartering member will be notified of any necessary revisions to the governing documents or approval to proceed with the Annual Registration Process.  Governing documents must be signed by chartering members and submitted to Student Engagement for recognition.  If a new organization does not complete annual registration by the deadlines the year it is proposed, it will not be recognized.    

New student groups wanting recognition for the fall semester must have submitted all proposal materials by September 15.  Student groups wanting recognition for the spring semester must have submitted all proposal materials by January 31.  Founding students will be notified once the proposal has been reviewed and have 2 weeks to begin the annual registration process after notification.