Homecoming Spirit Challenge

Registration will for the Homecoming Spirit Challenge 2020-21 will open February 12.

Click here to register! (Closes February 24)

Participation Rules & Guidelines

2020-21 Homecoming theme is "Spirit of the Pride”. In the various competitions, organization will exemplify what the theme means to them in their own creative ways. Groups can chose to compete in the challenges of their choice, or all three! The three challenges are:

  • The Window Painting Competition- 3/8 & 3/9 | GUC Windows
  • The Pep Rally Competition- Various Days | UNA Memorial Amphitheatre
  • The Campus Pomping Competition- 3/10 | Shelby Way/Campus Heart

1. Each event will be individually judged. Results of each event will be tallied to determine the overall winners.

2. There are three categories: Men's, Women's, and Coed. in each category, there will be a 1st and 2nd place winner per competition, then an overall homecoming spirit challenge winner.

3. All team members must be currently enrolled students (this includes graduate students) at UNA. Teams may be Recognized Student Organizations or Resident Hall Affiliations (ex. Olive 2nd Floor)

4. Teams must be submitted before February 24th @ 4:30pm.

*Please review the Rules and Guidelines in full BEFORE registering for the challenge.*

  • Student Events & Parade– Office of Student Engagement, 765-4248 | Becca Bush, studentprograms@una.edu
  • Pregame/ Homecoming Court– Lisa Darnell, 765-4596, lvdarnell@una.edu
  • UPC Spirit Activities- Catlin Przybysz, cprzybysz@una.edu | UPC Vice President- Parker Leigh Fleming, pfleming@una.edu

Instagram: @upc_una

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Previous Winners:

Year Winner
2020 ???
2019 Lambda Sigma Phi
2018 Lambda Sigma Phi
2017 Zeta Tau Alpha
2016 Zeta Tau Alpha
2015 Alpha Tau Omega
2014 Alpha Gamma Delta
2013 Phi Mu
2012 Phi Mu
2011 Alpha Delta Chi
2008 Alpha Gamma Delta

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Alpha Gamma Delta

2006 Zeta Tau Alpha
2005 Alpha Gamma Delta
2004 Phi Mu
2003 Global Friendship Organization