Step Sing

Step Sing is a valued tradition on UNA's campus and hosted by the University Program Council. In this competition, student groups compete in an epic performance, where they choreograph their own show filled with dancing and/or songs.  Proceeds from Step Sing are reserved to support campus improvement proposals. 


Registration for Step Sing will open in the Fall of the academic year. We encourage all students to read the Rules and Regulations before considering to join the stage and reach out to UPC is there are any questions or concerns.
Step Sing is free and open to ALL recognized student organizations, or student group!

Step Sing is a fundraiser held annually in the spring. For 2021, Step Sing will be on January 28th, 29th, and 30th due to COVID-19. The groups will perform each night and the winners will be announced on final night, which is January 30th. 


In the past, Step Sing funds have been raised and donated to United Way of the Shoals to benefit our beloved community. For 2021, Step Sing funds are being transitioned to benefit campus infrastructure improvements and the Pantry. Funds may be raised for other internal campus initiatives as well. Campus infrastructure project proposals must be submitted to Student Government Executive to then be referred to the Rollover Committee.


Enrolled students who create a group of 1 - 4 or 5 - 20 can participate in Step Sing. Typically, Registered Student Organizations participate; however, a dorm floor or a random group of friends are also allowed and encouraged to compete. A student can only participate in one group performance.

The individual groups will have no more than 10:00 minutes to perform.

The groups are judged off of their Showmanship, Musical Quality, Creativity, Storyline, and Execution within the division of Large Group. Groups are judged on Showmanship, Execution, Creativity, and Musical Quality within the Small Group division. The performances are judged by at least five individuals that are selected prior to the show. The maximum score that can be given by a judge is 50 points for large group and 40 points for a small group(10 pts. per category). 

The groups can use any song of their liking, but it must not have explicit content. The same rules apply for lyrics. Songs can only be used once per show and are awarded in the order of the show. Order of the show is randomly selected at the first Captains Meeting.

Groups are allowed to use props on stage, but there are several rules and regulations. Please see the Step Sing Rules and Regulations once they are posted to see the limitations on the props.

UPC provides the groups with a 25 minute allotted time slot the week of the show for a full out dress rehearsal. Groups will be randomly assigned their order of rehearsal during a captains meeting.

The groups will have the option of 5 lighting cues. This includes on and off. The groups will be able to practice their cues during rehearsal.