The seminar is a critical component of the First-Year Experience, where you will meet new people, connect with faculty and staff, and discover the UNA and Shoals communities.

FYE Seminars are themed, one-hour classes that may be attached to one or two of your required general education courses. Themes generally involve possibilities for majors, such as Nursing, History, or the Sciences. Seminar instructors determine the activities and assignments of the course, often times with your input, so your participation is important. In the past, activities have included:

  • Visits to campus and community locations of importance
  • Class discussions on current events
  • Guest presentations
  • Additional study sessionsFYE Flag

When you arrive at SOAR this summer, be sure to ask your advisor to place you in the seminar that is right for you. Space is limited, so the sooner you get to orientation the more likely you are to get into your first choice. Click here for more information on the seminar themes being offered for the Fall 2015 semester. This document will provide you with information on the times and faculty of the sections.

Dr. Robert Koch Jr.
University Success Center Director
Center for Writing Excellence Director
The Commons 223

Ms. Tammy D. Rhodes
Administrative Assistant
The Commons 204
256.765.4764 (FAX)

Dr. Amy E. Crews
University Advising Services Director
Active Suspension Coordinator
The Commons 221

Mr. Matthew Little
First-Year Experience Director
The Commons 215

Dr. Kathleen Richards
Center for Writing Excellence
Assistant Director
The Commons 219

Prof. Marlow B. McCullough
Mathematics Learning Center Director
The Commons 217

Dr. Matt Price
Learning Support Coordinator
Academic Advisor
The Commons 220

Ms. Kenda H. Rusevlyan
Testing Coordinator
University Advisor
The Commons 214

Ms. Elizabeth C. Haggerty
University Advisor
The Commons 213


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