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Meet Our Mathematics Fellows

 As part of the Mathematics Learning Center, Mathematics Fellows will be available to assist students in certain Mathematics classes. Mathematics Fellows are qualified students who have experience with the math course which they are assisting.  Below you will find the Fall 2013 classes with a Mathematics Fellow and information about the Fellow who will be there to assist.

Alex Edwards is the Mathematics Fellow for Group Sessions for MA 100, MA 112, and MA 126.

Alex Edwards 

Alex is majoring in Mathematics, Professional Chemistry, and Professional Physics, with a minor in Computer Science. He loves tutoring Mathematics! His enjoyment of math is so strong that he often works his favorite types of problems—integrations and derivations—in his free time. However, Alex does enjoy a life outside of mathematics. He loves being outdoors and going kayaking, fishing, hiking, or just roaming around in creeks. One of his passions is keeping fish and amphibians as pets in order to bring the beauty he observes outside, inside. Alex grew up here in Florence with these passions, where they have been the inspiration for scientific research involving testing for heavy metal concentrations in springs along Cypress Creek. He is also conducting a separate investigation of analytical solutions to the cubic equation here at UNA.  His research is an important part of his life, so Alex would love to help, or just talk to, anyone interested in getting involved in University research.

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Autumn McMunn is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Johnson’s MA 113 class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15.

Autumn McMunn

Autumn is majoring in Secondary Education and Mathematics. She is 2010 graduate of Ardmore High School right here in Alabama. She enjoys the AHA moments in math and the work that is necessary to have them. Autumn is a member of the UNA Honors Program who has studied Geography abroad in Tianjin, China, during the summer of 2011.

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Daniel Branscomb is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Bowie’s MA 112 class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:15.

Daniel Branscomb

Daniel is a Mathematics major and Army Veteran. He loves to travel, eat, read, exercise, and spend time with family and those who are important to him. Daniel also enjoys his classic Ford truck.

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Elly Couch is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Greer’s MA 110 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 8:50. Elly is also a Mathematics Fellow for Ms. Driskell’s MA 099 classes.

Elly Couch

Elly is beginning her third year at UNA this fall, majoring in Secondary Education and Mathematics. She is an active member of the "Pride of Dixie" marching band, where she will serve as the head majorette this year. In addition, Elly is a part of the Mathematics/ Computer Science Research Team. When she has spare time, Elly enjoys giving baton lessons, watching MASH re-runs, and playing hand bells.

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Tara Crunk is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Prince-Lubawy’s MA 111 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:45.

Tara Crunk

Tara is a non-traditional student from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, majoring in Computer Science. Her interests include playing golf and traveling. She has a love of all sports, but is an avid fan of the Memphis Grizzlies and St. Louis Rams.

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Jeffrey Allen is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Stovall’s MA 125 classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 to 8:50 and 1:00 to 1:50.

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey is a junior majoring in computer science with a minor in mathematics. Some of the things he enjoys are learning about electronics with UNA's Robotics Club, anything to do with motorcycles, sampling foods from different cultures, and yard sales.

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Austin Oldag is the Mathematics Fellow for Dr. Raney’s MA 110 class on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 1:45.

Austin Oldag

Austin is a junior majoring in both Mathematics and Secondary Education. After graduation, he plans to either become a high school math teacher or begin a career in another math profession. Austin enjoys basketball, reading, and movies. An interesting fact about Austin is that he was born in the Czech Republic.

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