Tutorial Support Services

When you want to improve your study skills or adjustments to campus, you can attend one of the workshops offered free for UNA students. The available workshops and one-on-one consultations focus on learning and improving:

  • Time management skills;
  • Understanding Learning Style;
  • Goal Setting skills;
  • Note taking skills;
  • Transition to University;
  • The Study Cycle; and
  • Networking at the University.

If you need help with specific courses, please go to to make an appointment with the Center for Writing Excellence, Math Learning Center, or Tutorial Support

Here's the schedule for the Fall 2015 Workshops.  Please remember that students are welcome to make individual appointments with the Learning Support Coordinator.

All Workshops are held in Commons 227.

Note Taking:

September 9/2 at 3:00pm

September 9/14 at 10:00am,

September 9/23 at 10:00am,

October 10/5 at 3:00pm,

October 10/14 at 3:00pm,

October 10/26 at 3:00pm,

November 11/4 at 3:00pm,

November 11/16 at 3:00pm

 Time Management:

September 9/7 at 3:00pm,

September 9/16 at 3:00pm,

September 9/28 at 3:00pm,

October 10/7 at 3:00pm,

October 10/19 at 3:00pm,

October 10/28 at 3:00pm,

November 11/9 at 3:00pm,

November 11/18 at 3:00pm

 Student Success (this workshop will cover a range of issues and strategies):

September 9/9 at 10:00am,

September 9/21 at 10:00am,

September 9/30 3:00pm,

October 10/12 at 10:00am,

October 10/21 at 3:00pm,

November 11/2 at 3:00pm,

November 11/11 at 10:00am,

November 11/23 at 3:00pm

Student studying

If you would like help with your study skills one-on-one, please contact Dr. Matt Price, UNA's Learning Support Coordinator, by sending an email to, or calling 256.765.5949.