University Advising Services

When you want to improve your study skills or adjustments to campus, you can attend one of the workshops offered free for UNA students. The available workshops focus on improving:

  • Time management skills;
  • Understanding Learning Style;
  • Goal Setting skills;
  • Note taking skills;
  • Transition to University;
  • The Study Cycle; and
  • Networking at the University.
Check back for this semester's schedule of workshops. Please take a look at the PowerPoint Presentations linked below. Please make sure to view the notes section at the bottom of each slide for more information about the topic.

Student studying

Memory and Concentration [PPT]

Note Taking [PPT]

Test Anxiety [PPT]

Test Preparation [PPT]

Textbook Reading [PPT]

Time Management [PPT]


If you would like help with your study skills one-on-one, please contact Dr. Matt Price, UNA's Learning Support Coordinator, by sending an email to, or calling 256.765.5949.