Tutorial Support

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As an undergraduate student at UNA, University Advising Services offers you access to free tutoring in mostly 100/200 level classes. Our goal is to help you achieve the academic success that you want. Tutors can also assist you with a variety of study and learning strategies.  If you would like to schedule a tutoring session, you can call the University Success Center at 256.765.4789.  Typical tutoring sessions are 30 minutes and students are encouraged to bring lecture notes and all other materials related to the course.


Please go here to make an appointment  ALL Appointments must be made 24hrs in advance.

Currently, we offer tutoring in the following areas:

Accounting   Biology    Chemistry CIS/CS Economics Earth Science History Psychology QM Spanish
 AC 291  BI 101  CH 101  CIS 125 EC 251  ES 131 HI 101 PY 201 291 101
 AC 292  BI 102  CH 102  CS 155* EC 252 HI 102 292 102
 BI 111  CH 111  CS 255 HI 201
 BI 112  CH 112  HI 202


If you would like to learn more about tutoring in any Mathematics course, please visit the Mathematics Learning Center web page. 

If you need assistance with a research paper in English or History or any other subject, please visit the Center for Writing Excellence webpage.