Steve Forrest

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Steve Forrest started playing around with one of his father's basses when he was really young and never stopped. Steve grew up in a musical family with the sounds of great jazz artists and Big Bands influencing him at a young age and he developed an early appreciation for good musicianship. Steve spent many of his young days tagging along with his dad to a studio or gig with some of the famed musicians known as The Memphis Boys and then later, the Nashville A-Team, of which Steve's father was a respected musician/vocalist. Many of these same legendary musicians made the trek from Memphis to Muscle Shoals doing recording work. Steve grew up in it. No wonder it's now his profession. Steve has played professionally since he was 17 and not old enough to be in the clubs he was playing. Yes, it's a familiar story, but true.

Steve has played live and on recordings ranging from the Blues/Soul/Americana/Country styles featuring Tony Joe White (another Muscle Shoals Swamper legend), Shelby Lynne, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Lee Ann Womack, Matt McAtee & The Eventuals and many others, to the Funk/R&B/Jazz and Fusion styles featuring The Wooten Brothers (Steve is the regular bassist for The Wooten Brothers weekly gig in Nashville which has world-wide notoriety), virtuoso jam band Eclectica (which features world renown musicians Tracy Silverman and Roy “Futureman” Wooten), The Jody Nardone Trio and many notable others. Televised performances have included “Americana Music Awards” with Tony Joe White and Shelby Lynne, “Bluegrass Underground” with Lee Ann Womack, various regional news shows while touring with Eclectica, and live web casting of performances.

Like many Nashville musicians, the list of “demo” and “custom” sessions, along with live showcases, is extensive. Steve is a working/touring/studio/live/all around in the trenches bass player and fortunate enough to be among the top of many first call lists in Nashville. He has have traveled internationally playing clubs, festivals and special events; traveled with Tony Joe White to Russia, with worship leader Paul Wilbur to Honduras and Nigeria, traveled with Beth Moore’s “Living Proof Ministries” events with Travis Cottrell, taught at seminars with Carl and Leann Albrecht, and other music conferences nationally, including individual and group clinics specific to the role of the bass player and rhythm section. Steve was the bassist at Bethel World Outreach Center (primarily gospel music) and currently is the bassist at Two Rivers (primarily CCM) in Nashville, where he and his family reside. Steve plays acoustic and electric upright basses and 4, 5 & 6 string fretted and fretless electric basses and provides lead and background vocals.

Gear of choice: Fender/Sadowsky/Nordy basses; DR hand wound stringsAguilar amplificationLava cablesTeegarden Audio. Steve plays these brands because of the sound and quality, not because they give them to him, which they don’t! He was using the gear from these manufacturers long before they entered into any artist endorsement. Steve is loyal to and very vocal about the manufacturers whom are largely responsible for the quality sound Steve is known and hired for. “I highly recommend them.”

Steve Forrest