Regulations for Vehicle Registration

A. PERMIT POLICY – UNA students and employees parking a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the University Transportation Services Department and obtain a permit. Permit owner is responsible for all citations. Permits are not transferable to other persons.

B. NEW REGISTRANTS – Please fill out the Vehicle Registration form online at Vehicle Registration at ONLINE VEHICLE REGISTRATION to obtain your initial permit and then bring the required documents to our office.

C. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – Anytime you change or update your permit or vehicle registrations, we require your current Vehicle Registration (i.e. tag receipt), Driver’s License and Mane Card (if applicable).

D. PERMIT COST/LOST PERMIT - There is no charge for the initial permit. Lost, misplaced, or stolen permits must be replaced at the University Transportation Services Department. The fee for a replacement permit under these conditions is $25.00.

E. TEMPORARY VEHICLES - If you are temporarily driving a vehicle other than the one registered with the University due to mechanical failure, loss, theft, or family use of the registered vehicle, you may temporarily move your registered permit to that vehicle. If an un-registered vehicle is being used more than 2 weeks, our department should be notified of the vehicle information. Temporary permits may be obtained free of charge at our department.

F. NEW VEHICLE - In the event your vehicle is sold or traded during the year, you must present the vehicle registration for your new car to our office via email, fax or in office, so we may update your record.

G. PERMIT RENEWAL EXPIRATION DATES - All permits are issued with expirations dates. Each driver is responsible to be aware of his or her expiration date. Drivers are required to go to Transportation Services during the month that their permit expires and update the permit/registration. You must present current vehicle registration (tag receipt), driver license, Mane card and the expiring permit to update your permit.

H. CHANGE OF RESIDENCY - If your living arrangements change due to resident hall move, off campus move, change from UNA Freshman Transit to Upperclassman Commuter, etc., you MUST update your permit to match the “TYPE” field on the front of your permit to coincide with your parking guidelines, regardless of expiration date of permit.

  •  Vehicle Registrations documents may be presented in original printed format, as a printed copy of document, or as a picture of the document on a device.