Temporary Parking Permits

Any of our paper temporary permits may be requested in office or you may request a printable copy via email at

Temporary Permits may be displayed on dashboard face up or hung from rear view mirror (if allowed).

A. Handicapped - Permanently handicapped persons are required to obtain a handicapped parking permit from the Probate Judge's office from the county in which they reside. Persons who are temporarily disabled may obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit from the University Transportation Services Department upon presentation of a written doctor's request. A temporary handicapped permit will only be issued for the period of which the doctor states to be the expected period of disability. Should the disability remain after the expiration date, renewal of the permit must be made.
B. Conferences, Institutes and Meetings - Visitors attending conferences, institutes, workshops and meetings will be provided temporary parking permits as long as space is available. UNA departments sponsoring such events are responsible for contacting the Office of University Events prior to the event to make the necessary arrangements. Temporary permits will be provided by the University Transportation Services Department when necessary. The VISITOR lot at the Harrison Plaza entrance cannot be used for these events.
C. Temporary Permits for Students/Employees – If you find yourself parking on campus without your permit, due to mechanical failure, loss, theft, or family use of the registered vehicle, you are required to obtain a free temporary permit at our office.
D. Visitors - It is recommended that visitors obtain a free temporary parking pass from the Transportation Services department even when parking in Visitor Lot. This will protect you from receiving any misjudged citations while on campus. You may request one in office or you may request a printable temporary permit via email at Please list your name, contact number, dates of visit and note your affairs on campus.