Where Do I Park?????

Please find your “Classification Type” on the label on the front of your permit to find your corresponding parking guidelines below.

Remember: Parking in your designated areas or color zones are enforced Monday through Friday, 7 am–4 pm, when school is in session.  See Parking Regulations

COMMUTER - Park in designated WHITE zone spaces only.

FACULTY/STAFF - GREEN lines are Faculty/Staff ONLY.  Faculty/Staff may park in white lines when GREEN lines are unavailable.  

NORTH RESIDENT - (Mattielou, Olive, Rivers, Covington, and Hawthorne) - park in designated RED zone spaces only, or the parking deck. Lot O (behnd Flowers Hall) is available for North Residents.


LAFAYETTE RESIDENT – Park in WHITE lines in LOT K only.

EARLY SCHOLAR – Park in designated WHITE zone spaces only.

UNA TRANSIT (Freshman Commuter) - The University requires all freshman commuters to park off campus and utilize the University bus system. We offer several park and ride lots to board the buses to campus. Your only other option is to park off campus on the city streets. 

. See Bus Schedule and Tracking

CONTRACT EMPLOYEE – (Any Temporary, Adjunct, or UNA Dining Employee) – Park in GREEN or WHITE lines only.

EMERITUS - (Any Retired Employee of the University) - Park in GREEN or WHITE lines only.

OTHER PARKING GUIDELINES: VISITORS - May park in designated VISITOR LOT ONLY, unless a temporary permit is obtained at the Transportation Services Department. The visitor lot is accessed from Irvine Avenue Entrance, and is on the right (east) side of the lot, nearest the fountain. There are handicap and reserved visitor spaces there. Temporary Visitor passes to allow parking in any lot on campus may be requested at our office or you may email us at transportation@una.edu  

SERVICES/CONTRACT COMPANY WORKERS - Permits will be issued pertaining to the circumstances of each workers service and timeline and should be requested by their supervisors. For inquiries, please call 256-765-4853.

HANDICAPPED MOTORIST - Persons with valid handicap placards or tags issued to an occupant of the vehicle at the time it is parked in a handicap space may park in any designated handicap space on campus regardless of zone color. If you are affiliated with the University, you must have your permit displayed as well as your handicapped placard where both can be seen from the front of the vehicle. If either of these hang tags are displayed improperly or not visible to officers, you will be cited.

BICYCLES - May park at designated bicycle racks only.

MOTORCYCLES - Only Motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle RED zone spaces labeled Motorcycle. Drivers are required to register their motorcycle online.

College View Church of Christ generously opens their parking lot to UNA Students, Faculty and Staff, Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm in the two upper lots closest to W. Cumberland St ONLY! Any cars remaining after 5 pm or parking in the “Church Parking Only” will be issued a citation.  See map linked below for areas open to parking.THERE IS NOT A BUS STOP AVAILABLE AT THIS LOCATION!