Poster Presentation Winners

April 9, 2014

1st Place ($100): Sarah R. Schiavone
Mentor: Larry Bates
Fear and Religious Fundamentalism: Behavioral Avoidance Test of Taboos
Department of Psychology

2nd Place ($50): Autumn Forschler-Turner
Mentor: Terry Richardson
Effect of Total Suspended Solids on the Foraging Capacity of the Stream Snail, Pleurocera canaliculata
Department of Biology

3rd Place ($25): Justin Slayton
Mentor: Ryan Zayac
Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Interteaching on the Academic Performance of Elementary School Students
Department of Psychology

April 10, 2014

1st Place ($100): James Maloney
Mentor: Jonathon Fleming
Perspective Based Concealment Analysis
Department of Geography

2nd Place ($50): Candice Sanders
Mentor: Will Brewer
Recording Simulations versus Instructor Presents Which Teaching Tissue Plasminogen Activator Administration to Nursing Students
Department of Nursing

3rd Place ($25): Adam Aycock
Studies Toward the Convergent Synthesis of Motualevic Acid Analogues
Department of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene