Sociology/Alpha Kappa Delta Roundtable Presentations

April 12, 2017, 11:00 a.m., ThinkSpace

Funding for this symposium was made possible [in part] by a Sociological Research Grant from Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society.

  • FLPL Relationship Smarts: Family Life Education in Action, Mark Pettit and Alyson Bergner
  • The Effects of Behavioral Couples Therapy on Couples Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence, Cody Terry
  • Title IX Training: Does it Impact College Students’ Rape Myth Acceptance and Bystander Attitudes, Taylor Anders
  • Giving up the Microphone: The White Racial Framing of Race, Kimberly Lane
  •  What Makes a Good Marriage?, Aleigha Edwards
  • A Comparison Between Marriages in Different Life Stages, Heather Stubbs
  • Misunderstanding of Hip Hop, Quintin Clark
  • Keeping it Real: Music Therapy and At-Risk Youth, Kandi Pike
  •  Compromise and Communicate Before and During Marriage, Chloe Brownell
  • No Fate but What We Make: The Future of Affective Computing, Falon Yates
  • The Ugly Delinquent? The Relationship between Physical Attractiveness and Deviant/Delinquent Behavior, Allison House
  • Entertainment Venues in Australia and New Zealand: The Sound Down Under, Rosie McClendon