Scholarly & Artistic Presentations Academic Colloquium

Cognitive Benefits of Childhood Bilingualism
Presenter: Danae Thackerson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela

The Political Economy of Immigration Enforcement
Presenter: Chellie Hogan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keith Malone

Metric Distances Between Cayley Tables
Presenter: Daniel Branscomb
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jesse Prince-Lubawy

The Lavender Scare: Fear in the Context of the Cold War and Joseph McCarthy's Hunt for Deviance
Presenter: Layla Talley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ansley Quiros

I Am You
Presenters: Leslee Tank, Elizabeth Long, Phoebe Jones, Ben Coker
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Charlton James

Lower Temperature Limit for Feeding in Spotted Dusky Salamanders
Presenter: Jacob Dawson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Glenn Marvin

Every Step Counts: Promoting Faculty/Staff Physical Activity During the School Day Through Technology - A Pilot Study
Presenter: Sarah Quillen
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lee G. Renfroe

Virginia Learns to Read
Presenter: Melissa Thornton
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Lesley Peterson and Dr. Jeffrey Bibbee

Deities in Deep Space: Religiosity and Secularism in Star Wars and Star Trek
Presenter: Sarah Schiavone
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Richard Hudiburg and Dr. Larry Bates

Presenter: Vincent Chiriaco
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiaowen Zhang

Theatrical Puppet Design
Presenter: Tim Spearing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Ruebhausen