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The pieces we design

The primary focus of our designers is on marketing and branding. The pieces they create are designed to brand and market UNA and specific programs of the university.

What can we design for you?

Before our designers can start designing, there are several pieces of information they’ll need about your project. To provide that information, simply fill out and submit our convenient Design Request Form.

It’s never too early

Our designers’ production schedules are often planned months – even an entire year – in advance. If you have a design project you know you’ll need several months from now, the time to submit a Design Request Form is now. This early notice enables our design team to better prepare, carving out adequate time for your project, to ensure they provide you with their best work.

For smaller projects, our designers require 10 business days between the time they receive all the text and photos for a piece and the time they deliver your first comp. More time is required for larger jobs. Most projects include a total of three comps before final delivery to the printer.

For projects costing at least $1,000 to print, our designers are required by state law to open the job to competitive bid for 10 business days.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

You probably need your piece designed, printed and ready for circulation by a certain date. Having that timeframe will help you and us as we work together on your design. To meet your deadline, we’ll work backward from that date to schedule a series of earlier deadlines for copy approval, comp approvals and send-off to the printer. This schedule will require your signed approval before work on your design will begin.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out our convenient Design Request Form.

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