Sound Solutions 2013

Sound Solutions

For Brass & Woodwinds

 with Gino Ciprianni, Brass Caption Head of The award-winning Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


  • Maintaining Tone Quality
  • Volume Expansion
  • Control Techniques
  • Maximize your Dynamics
  • Consistency at all Volumes
  • Directors Clinic
 Sound Solutions is open toall high school & middle school brass and woodwinds –There is a $20 fee to participate. Discount for 20 or more students.
Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 12
Check-in: 8a –9a (Location TBD)
Clinics and Classes: 10am-Noon
Lunch: Noon – 1pm (coordinate with your director/parents)
          Sectionals & Directors Clinic: 1pm
Exhibition: UNA Pride of Dixie Band
How to apply: Go to: download the registration form, fill it out with your director, and send/fax/e-mail it in. 

Click HERE for Registration Form