Instagram Embed Instructions

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Fill out the form and click Sign Up.

fill out form

Step 3: Click 'Sign in with Instagram'

sign in with instagram

Step 4: Enter your instagram login info and click 'Log In'

Log In

Step 5: Click 'Authorize'.


Step 6: Copy the 'embed code' from within the black box.

copy the code

Step 7: Open the page in Cascade CMS where you wish to add an Instagram feed and click 'edit'.

edit page

Step 8: Click 'html' on the Content Block where you wish to embed the feed.

click html

Step 9: Paste the 'embed code' into the editor and click 'Insert'.

paste the code

Note that you won't see anything in the edit preview.

edit preview

Step 10: Submit and Publish your page as normal.