File Structure and Naming Your Files

Plan the organization of your website so users can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. It is best to group broad categories of information according to user's needs, not according to your department’s internal organization or hierarchy. Try to identify what items a user would logically want, even if it means grouping functions from different areas together. A great tool for getting at answers to these questions is the KJ analysis, a method of developing insight into themes and relationships among issues. 

When naming your files, DO NOT uses spaces or special characters. Instead of spaces, a hyphen (-) is the most acceptable format to separate words in file names.

Breadth Leads to Depth

Create a site hierarchy that starts with broad categories of information, and then provides increasing levels of detail for those who require more information.


Prioritize links according to usage patterns and importance. Do not list links alphabetically, as usability studies show that doing so is essentially the same as random organization.