Structuring Your Webpage

Use headers, paragraphs, and lists to reinforce the purpose and organization of content, and to facilitate scanning of the page. Use headers (<h2> through <h6>) to organize content into logical sections. There should only be one <h1> on each page, acting as the website title, and has already be set through Cascade Server. Each subcategory head on a page should use the <h2> tag. (Think of a traditional outline.) Use paragraphs for blocks of text, lists for lists of items, and tables ONLY for tabular data. 

Make sure that the order of content on each page (including navigation and other standard page elements) makes sense when read from top to bottom. If you are using stylesheets, you can easily check the order by disabling the stylesheet. For visitors using screen readers you may want to provide hidden links to skip over navigation and other often repeated page elements. 

Linking to External Files

The most widely accepted format for linking documents on the web is PDF format. Files in formats such as .docx, .doc, .xls, etcetera are not always viewable on certain computers. Not everyone has Microsoft Word or other Office applications installed. Convert files to PDF first, and then link to the PDF file. All modern computers come with a PDF reader pre-installed, and this format is generally viewable by anyone at any computer.  

Link Text

Use descriptive link text so that the destination or function of a link is clear when read out of context. Avoid simply using "Click here".  

Page Dimensions

Cascade Server template:
The main content of area of a standard UNA webpage is 705 pixels if there is no right column used. Any images will need to be 705 pixels or less. If a right column is used, the main content area width is 470 pixels wide. Any images used in this case will need to be 470 pixels or less. The right column, if used, is 200 pixels wide. Any images used inside of the right column must be 200 pixels wide or less.

External web templates:
If you are maintaining a website outside of Cascade Server, the industry standard page width is 960 pixels.