What can women's studies do for YOU?

Are you aware of how women fit into your particular field of study? Whatever your major is, you can be certain that understanding women's contributions to and influences on your field of study will deepen your understanding of it.

In women's studies classes and programs, you will look at many subjects—history, literature, economics, sociology, nursing, geography, etc. -through the prism of women's points of view.

Have you considered current and historical assumptions about women? Women's studies will help you to analyze the assumptions about what women can do and have done in a variety of historical and current contexts.

Are you planning to get a job? Gender issues affect the workplace. The number of women who work is increasing, and women now comprise more than half of the work force. It is inevitable, then, that men as well as women will be confronted in the workplace, directly or indirectly, with the types of issues that women's studies courses examine.

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The mission of the Center for Women’s Studies at the University of North Alabama is to educate, support, and reach out to women on our campus in the context of a global community.

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