Expectations and Reminders

What should students expect when visiting the writing center?

Tutorial sessions: 

  • Face-to-face tutorial sessions last for 30 minutes per tutorial, while online sessions may be scheduled for 1 hour. 

  • Online tutorials take place either through Zoom or TutorTrac. Zoom is a face-to-face video conference, while TutorTrac is an online interactive "chat" session. Students need to notify the writing center which software platform they wish to use by writing in "Zoom" or "TutorTrac" in the "Notes" section of the appointment scheduling box in TutorTrac. Both online tutorials are synchronous. 

  • If students wish to use Zoom, then they must have access to a computer with video, microphone, and sound capabilities. 

  • Students are not allowed to make back-to-back appointments in the writing center (unless students are English language learners or can provide documentation from Disability Services). Only one appointment, per paper, per day is allowed. Writing consultants (tutors) are generally not able to assist students with more than one writing assignment per appointment. 

  • Students do not need to bring a completed draft before visiting the writing center. If students have difficulty brainstorming ideas, writing consultants can help. 

  • Students should always bring a positive attitude, an idea, and something to write with when attending an appointment. 

Scheduling Appointments: 

  • Students should schedule appointments in advance using the TutorTrac system to guarantee an appointment. If anyone has difficulties logging in to the TutorTrac system, call 256-765-6015.  

  • Students are welcome to walk in to the writing center for appointments when available.  

  • If for any reason students are unable to keep their scheduled appointments, then students must cancel their appointments 24 hours in advance. Students may reschedule at their convenience. 

  • Warning: If students consistently forget to cancel appointments that have been scheduled in advance, students may be blocked from scheduling appointments in advance for the rest of their college career at UNA. Students will then rely on walk-in appointments only.