Faculty Profile

Jonathan P. Fleming, Ph. D., GISP

Assistant Professor


Ph.D.  Mississippi State University
M.S.  Mississippi State University
B.S.  University of North Alabama

Research Interests:

Dr. Fleming has broad research interests in biogeography, invasion ecology, applied GIS, ecosystem resilience, and pedogogy of geospatial science.  His past research involves aquatic plant re-establishment projects, GIS suitability modeling, and assessing spatial patterns in aquatic physicochemistry.  He has conducted field research on invasive aquatic plants to assess scale dependent patterns of invasion, and is also interested in how aquatic plant communities (native and invasive) influence invertebrates and fish through trophic and behavioral pathways at the landscape scale.  In addition, Dr. Fleming has experience consulting on a number of spatial ecological themes including resource selection of black bear and wild turkey, landscape scale influences on aquatic biodiversity, American alligator movement, and upland avian habitat conservation.

Selected Publications:

Huenemann, T., E.D. Dibble, and J.P.Fleming.  2012.  Influence of turbidity on the foraging of largemouth bass. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141: 107-111.

Kröger, R., E. Dibble, J.B.Brandt, J.P.Fleming, T. Huenemann, T. Stubbs, J.D. Prevost, T. Tietjen, K.A. Littlejohn,and S. Pierce.  2012.  Spatial and temporal changes in total suspended sediment concentrations in an oxbow lake after implementing agricultural landscape management practices.  River Research and Applications DOI:10.1002.

Fleming, J.P., J.D. Madsen, and E.D.Dibble.  2011.  Development of a GIS model to enhance macrophyte re-establishment projects. Applied Geography 32: 629-635.

Fleming, J.P., J.D. Madsen, and E.D.Dibble.  2011  Macrophyte re-establishment for fish habitat in Little Bear Creek Reservoir, Alabama, USA.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology 26: 105-114.


GE 102 - World Regional Geography
GE 112 - Principles of Physical Geography II:  Landscapes
GE 325 - Cartography
GE 484/584 - Projects in Geographic Information Science
GE 497/597 - Special Topics in Physical Geography:  Biogeography
GE 610 - Seminar in Geospatial Science

Graduate Students:

Ann Phillips (Advisor)
Robert Nall (Committee Member)