Faculty Profile

Michael Pretes, Ph.D.



Ph.D.  Australian National University
M.A.  Northwestern University
B.A.  University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests:

Geopolitics and Political Geography; Business and Economic Geography; Geography of Finance; Tourism and Recreation; Natural Resource Management; National Parks; Geography of Wine; Australia and the Pacific; Polar Regions; Western North America.

Selected Publications:

Pretes, M., and Gibson, K. 2008. “Openings in the Body of ‘Capitalism’: Capital Flows and Diverse Economic Possibilities in Kiribati.” Asia Pacific Viewpoint 49(3): 381-391.

Pretes, M., Goins, B., and Wagner, D. 2008. “Iceland,” “Norway,” “Sweden,” and “Finland.” In EARTH: The World Atlas, ed. C.F. Gritzner. Sydney, Australia: Millennium House.

Pretes, M., and Petersen, E. 2004. “Rethinking Fisheries Policy in the Pacific.” Marine Policy 28(4): 297-309.

Pretes, M. 2003. “Tourism and Nationalism.” Annals of Tourism Research 30(1): 125-142.

Pretes, M. 2002. “Microequity and Microfinance.” World Development 30(8): 1341-1353.

Lal, B.V., and Pretes, M., eds. 2001. Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji. Canberra, Australia: Pandanus Books, and Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.


GE 102 - World Regional Geography
GE 260 - Human Geography
GE 300 - History and Philosophy of Geography
GE 301 - Geography of Europe
GE 304 - Geography of the U.S. and Canada
GE 321 - Economic Geography
GE 322 - Business Geography
GE 402 - Geopolitics
GE 403 - Nature and Society Interactions
GE 410 - Historical Geography
GE 413 - Geography of Asia
GE 460 - Advanced Cultural Geography
GE 609 - Geographic Methods and Design

Special Interest Courses:

Geography of Wine and Beer
Geopolitics of Global Challenges: Terrorism, International Crime, and Failed and Failing States
War In Afghanistan
Geography of Tourism, Recreation, and Sports
Geography of Australia and the Pacific
Field Study Programs in China, Peru, and the Western United States

Graduate Students:

Stephen Michael Yancey (Advisor)
J. Ryan Cook (Advisor)
Jesse Lane (Advisor)
B.J. Kavanaugh '12 (Advisor)