SOBIE (Society of Business, Industry, and Economics) is a national academic conference dedicated to the promotion and publication of peer-reviewed research. SOBIE's mission is to encourage business faculty members to respond to current economic and market issues and interact with industrial practitioners. Once a year, SOBIE publishes its journal, JOBIE (Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics) , which is listed in Cabell's directory.

SOBIE was founded in 1999 by Dr. Jim Couch and Dr. Doug Barrett, both from the University of North Alabama with about 30 participants from 5 schools. SOBIE has grown rapidly to become the premier academic conference for small and regional universities, attracting participants from many research universities, businesses, and government agencies.

Student Research
SOBIE is committed to advancing the academic and career opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students through research. SOBIE provides a good foundation for the next generation of scholars. Many small liberal arts colleges and honors programs encourage their students to attend SOBIE to present their senior theses.

SOBIE was founded on the idea that viable, peer-reviewed research at small colleges and regional universities needed to be recognized. Research areas include, but are not limited to:

Advertising and PromotionBusiness administration
Business communicationsBusiness education
Business ethicsBusiness information systems (CIS or MIS)
Business lawCase studies
EntrepreneurshipFamily and small business enterprises
FinanceGovernmental accounting
Health care administrationHealth care administration
History of Economic ThoughtHuman resource management
Interdisciplinary researchInternational business
MarketingMedical Economics
Non-profit organizationsOperations management
Organizational behavior and theoryOrganizational development
PedagogyPublic administration
Public policy analysisSales Management
Sports EconomicsStatistics
Strategic management policyTax Policy
TradeUS Economic History

SOBIE publishes its peer-reviewed academic journal, JOBIE (Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics), once a year. It is listed in Cabell's directory. SOBIE also publishes an electronic student journal on our website.

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