Department of Geography

Graduate Program

 Our graduate program, the Master of Science in Geospatial Science, is currently accepting applications for Fall 2014. Geospatial science is an innovative approach to applying spatial knowledge and technology to solve contemporary problems. The program focuses on the multidisciplinary application of geography, the spatial paradigm and methods of geospatial technologies to prepare students to:

  • Solve complex environmental, urban, economic and business problems

  • Conduct independent research

  • Develop skills in critical thinking and writing

  • Enter professions requiring knowledge of geospatial methods, analysis, and techniques.

For more information on the Master of Science of Geospatial Science, download the Program Guide and/or contact Dr. David Brommer (Graduate Coordinator) at for more information. 

Graduates from the Department of Geography at UNA work in various government, public and private sector jobs throughout the country and overseas. These jobs involve regional and urban planning, environmental research and monitoring, utilities, marketing, management, and field work among many other titles. Some of our graduates go on to graduate school for both the master's and Ph.D. degree. For the past several years, job and graduate school placement has reached almost 100%.

If you are interested in pursuing a major, minor or masters in geography, just drop by the department, give us a call or send us an email. We can discuss your goals and how a study of geography might provide you with the foundation for a rewarding career after your university experience.

Dr. Francis Koti
Chair, Department of Geography