Apartment Rates

Rent:  Beginning August 1, 2012, apartment rent is added to the student account with tuition and fees.

When the apartment lease is signed, apartment rent is added to the student account with tuition and fees. Apartment rent is billed six months for fall and spring semesters and is due and payable with each semester's tuition. Rent is prorated beginning with the date the apartment lease is signed. If a lease is signed in the spring semester, seven months of apartment rent is added to the student account.

If a tenant moves out at the official end of the lease period, a refund of any excess paid rent past the May 31 termination date is contingent on how the tenant has met conditions of the lease.

To view and download a printable rates sheet here:
2014-2015 University Apartment Rates (pdf)

Deposit: Each apartment applicant must pay a security deposit of $200 along with a completed application to be placed on the waiting list. The deposit is refundable with written notice to be removed from the waiting list.

Utilities: The rent for University, Lion's Gate, and Grandview Campus Place apartments includes up to $80 monthly utilities. Any utilities over $80 per month will be charged back to the tenant's student account, payable at the UNA Business Office. Current tenants in University and Lion's Gate apartments should contact Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management Office for information on how to process the changeover for their apartment utilities.

Cable:  Cable is included in apartment rent. Cable service is through UNA's agreement with Apogee. Internet is available for an extra cost and payable on the first of each month at the UNA Business Office. No satellite dishes are permitted.

Internet:  The University provides Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) services in the Grandview Campus Place apartments. 

Telephone:  Tenants are responsible for telephone service and must contact the telephone companies.

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