Department of Social Work

Major Course Requirements


The following course requirements can be used by social work majors who are under the Fall 2012-13 CATALOG/BULLETIN (or later, subject to future revision). These requirements for social work majors are to be used in conjunction with the information found under General Studies Requirements for social work majors. The wording below is in accord with that found in the Fall 2012 CATALOG.

A. General Education Component. 44
For general education requirements and additional requirements for UNA students, refer to Academic Procedures and Requirements (page 56 in the 2012-2013 Catalog).

Social Work majors must complete:

Area II Art Appreciation (AR 170) or Music Appreciation (MU 222) 3
Area III Introductory Biology (BI 101–102) or Principles of Biology (BI 111–112) 8
Area IV United States Government and Politics (PS 241) 3
General Psychology (PY 201) 3
Introductory Sociology (SO 221) 3
Prescribed Supporting Courses 23

Contemporary Issues in United States Politics (PS 242) 3
Elementary Statistics (MA 147) 3
Business Applications of Microcomputer Software (CIS 125), or Introduction to Computers (CS 110) or Intermediate Computer Topics (CS 120) 3
Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 201), or Logic (PHL 202), or Ethics (PHL 205) 3
Principles of Macroeconomics (EC 251) 3

Twelve additional hours needed to bring total to 128 hours

B. Major Core Requirements: 42
Introduction to Social Work (SW 230) 3
Social Welfare: Policies and Services (SW 305) 3
Human Behavior and Social Environment I (SW 315) 3
Human Behavior and Social Environment II (SW 316) 3
Diversity Issues in Social Work (SW 324) 3
Methods of Social Work Practice I (SW 360W) 3
Methods of Social Work Practice II (SW 361) 3
Methods of Social Work Practice III (SW 362) 3
Methods of Social Work Research (SW 370) 3
Field Instruction in Social Work l (SW 432) 6
Field Instruction in Social Work II (SW 433) 6
Social Work Elective 3
Prescribed Elective Courses


Select five courses (no more than two can be taken from any one department) from among the following:

Interpersonal Communication (COM 306)
Group Communication (COM 330)
Images of Women in Literature (EN 333)
Introduction to International Studies (FL 101)
Cross Cultural Interaction (FL 302)
Human Geography (GE 260)
Urban Geography (GE 390)
Child Development (HES 362)
Family Development (HES 443)
Human Sexuality (HPE 406)
Drugs in American Society (HPE 424)
The Young Child and Health Care (NU 413)
Psychology of Adjustment (PY 242)
Abnormal Psychology (PY 302)
Service Learning (SW 199-SL1)
Current Social Problems (SO 222)
Juvenile Delinquency (SO 306)
Medical Sociology (SO 307)
Cultural Anthropology (SO 350)
Spanish for Professionals (SP 103)
Gerontology (SW 403)
Ethical Decision-Making in Social Work Practice (SW 415)
Services to Family and Children (SW 420)
Selected Topics (SW 491)
Women’s Health (WS 323)
Global Women’s Issues (WS 354)

C. Minor:
A minor is not required for this major.

D. General Elective hours to bring total to 128.