A student found responsible for a Code of Conduct violation may only appeal a sanction of Removal from University Housing or Suspension to Permanent Expulsion from the University, with the exception of cases involving allegation of sexual misconduct. 

Appeals shall be heard by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designed Appeal Review Officer, or in cases of alleged sexual misconduct, an Appeal Board. A written request for an appeal by the student must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct within three (3) business days* of notification of results of the original hearing or conference. The Office of Student Conduct may administer the notification of hearing results via students’ official University email address.

The Appeal Review Officer may sustain or modify the sanction set by the Office of Student Conduct when he/she determines that the sanction recommended was outside the University’s sanction range for such violations and/or not justified by the nature of the offense. The person conducting the appeal will forward a written decision and rationale to the Director of Student Conduct within ten (10) business days of receiving the sanction review request.

*Note: Computation of time: When any period of time is referred to, such period in all cases are computed to exclude the first and include the last day of such period. Business days include normal University operating days and exclude holidays and weekends. The last business day ends at 4 p.m.