UNA Working Catalogs

The working copies of the 2018-2019 Undergradute and Graduate Catalogs can be found below. Please note, this will be updated after each Curriculum Committee meeting throughout the year. It is NOT the catalog for students.  Proof this catalog about two weeks after a UCC or GC meeting and send corrections to mgraham2@una.edu.

UNA Undergraduate Catalog

UNA Graduate Catalog

Please submit curriculum changes using this version by pasting the section to be modified into a new Microsoft Word® document. Make sure that all edits are made through Track changes -- using red type for additions, and red strikethrough for deletions. If you need training, just ask. Then, submit it to the Executive Assistant of the dean of your college. Executive Assistants should make sure all submissions are correct and in full COLOR before sending to Martha Frances for the UCC or GC agendas. Do not send scanned or paper copies, only electronic originals please. Those not corrected or changed  in red will be returned. Thank you.