Provost's Administrative Fellows Program


The Provost’s Administrative Fellows (PAF) program at the University of North Alabama offers professional development opportunities to tenured faculty members to further develop leadership skills and become more effective in their current and future positions as administrative leaders. The program provides selected faculty members the opportunity to explore an interest in becoming administrative leaders within the campus community. Each fellow will be given the opportunity to serve under the mentorship of the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and senior Academic Affairs leaders to accomplish one or more projects. Fellows will also engage with a variety of university senior administrators and administrative groups. Although participation in this program does not guarantee an appointment to an advanced academic position, the experience can be invaluable to participants in meeting career goals and becoming better equipped to serve in an administrative or leadership position on campus.

Purpose of the Program

  1. Identify and further the professional development of faculty members who desire advanced career opportunities in the future, thereby improving the succession process at UNA by increasing the pool of administrative leaders.
  2. Increase faculty members’ awareness of the “nuts and bolts” of senior administration by experiencing the challenges and major issues that arise within higher education, while also increasing awareness of the environment in which those decisions are made.
  3. Provide faculty members an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process and program management requirements.
  4. Support the mission of UNA as a regional, comprehensive, innovative, inclusive, engaged, evolving, and global university.

Eligibility and Qualifications

Interested applicants must be tenured Associate Professors or Professors, with significant experience and service to UNA. The faculty member must have well developed interpersonal skills, and excellent writing and oral communication skills. Fellows are expected to possess leadership experience, as well as outstanding evidence of achievement in their current and past positions. They must also possess a sincere interest in administrative service. Faculty members will not be eligible for more than one PAFP appointment during their tenure at UNA.

Activities and Expectations

All Provost’s Administrative Fellows will report to the Provost and will be assigned one major project(s), based on needs and priorities in the administrative unit, and a series of multiple mini-tasks to complete within the nine-month period. There may be additional tasks assigned as needed. Also, there are core activities in which all Fellows participate, such as meetings of the Board of Trustees, Executive Council, Faculty and Staff Senate, the Council of Academic Deans, and the Council of Associate Deans and Directors. The program will increase the Fellows’ awareness of issues within higher education and enhance their understanding of the University. Please note that participation in this program is to gain valuable experience and should not be seen as a first step into a specific administrative position.

One Provost’s Administrative Fellow will be accepted to the program for a nine-month period; appointments will begin in the fall term and end in Spring (August-May).

Terms of Appointment:

  • Period: August  – May 
  • One course release each for Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Maximum of $2000.00 for Fellow’s professional development
  • Selected Fellows will be expected to pursue their normal teaching, scholarly or creative activities, and service, and to carry out normal departmental duties
  • Approval by the Fellow’s Department Chair and/or Dean is required
  • Fellow’s academic department will be provided $2400.00 per semester to allay departmental costs of covering the faculty member’s released courses

Application Process

Interested faculty members must complete the Provost’s Administrative Fellows Application and submit all required documents as enlisted below. Complete applications should be submitted as one PDF document to the Office of Academic Affairs.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of senior administrators chosen by the Provost. The committee is charged with making recommendations to the Provost. An in-person interview may be required in the final selection process to assess an applicant’s interest in projects for the specific year.