A brand vs. a campaign

Campaigns are something you do over different time periods and are ever changing.  But your brand is enduring. A campaign can contain a brand and reflect the brand, but does not carry the brand on its own. Campaigns are useful to help draw special attention to a cause, initiative or promotion, usually for a limited period of time. 


Taglines have been used by university marketers for quite some time in order to help their brand stand out by illustrating unique product attributes or benefits as part of big budget advertising campaigns.

These days, with the University of North Alabama brand clearly defined through our primary logo and extended brand identity, using a slogan or tagline only serves to restrict the audience impact and confuse the wide variety of constituents we must speak to on a daily basis.

Appropriate use of the logo and school colors serves to differentiate the University of North Alabama from other universities, and a tagline would simply cause the viewer to ask if we are talking to someone else with our messaging. We have different messages for many different audiences, and taglines simply confuse them.

Email Signatures

Branded email signatures are provided upon request by University Communications & Marketing. Email web@una.edu to request your email signature. For branding purposes and to avoid any potential copyright issues, email signature photos will be limited to those taken by our university photographers. Instructions to add your signature to Outlook located here.

Traditional Logos | Sesquicentennial Logos

Visible symbols of UNA.

Color Palette

Primary and secondary brand colors.


Fonts and guidelines for their use.

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