Communication Studies

These are the required classes for the major in Communication Arts with a Communication Studies emphasis: 


Course Credit Hours
COM 221 Human Communication 3
COM 306 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 308 Nonverbal Communication 3
COM 330 Group Communication 3
COM 402 Persuasion 3

Choose two:

COM 320 Political Communication

COM 331 Argumentation and Debate

COM 386 Gender Communication

COM 417 Intercultural Communication

COM 440 Organizational Communication

Choose one additional three-credit COM elective from among 300/400-level department offerings. 3
Total:  24

Printable Checksheet - Communication Studies

All students in this area will earn a degree in Communication Arts with Communication Studies as the student's primary area of study.

A minor is not required, but students may select a minor to support their major course of study. Talk with your advisor or the department chair for more explanation. 

For course descriptions, please see the most recent UNA Undergraduate Catalog.