Mission Statement and Diversity Plan

Mission Statement

The department shares the College of Arts and Sciences commitments to its students, expecting them "to graduate with an enhanced ability to acquire knowledge, to think clearly and critically, to communicate effectively, to respect and understand diversity, to appreciate aesthetic values, and to possess the skills necessary for a career and for lifelong learning." 

Department emphasis is on giving students the opportunity to develop ethical communication competency through academic and artistic performance, study, internships and co-curricular involvement in university, professional, and community activities. Faculty and department administration are expected to contribute to this student mission through academic leadership, quality teaching and advising, and participation in scholarship, creative presentation, and community projects of local and global significance.

Diversity Plan

The University of North Alabama Department of Communications adopts an inclusive definition of diversity as specified in the University of North Alabama Values Statement which states:  The members of the community of the University of North Alabama do hereby establish and maintain a culture that embraces the diversity of cultural backgrounds, personal characteristics, and life situations represented in this community. The definition is further elaborated through the commitment to promote an atmosphere free of discrimination based on but not limited to the following:  age, culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, national origin, political affiliation, physical ability, physical attributes, race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or socio--economic status.

To promote and maintain a diverse culture within the department, a commitment is thus made to:

Promote, integrate, and take action to create a diverse department community by fostering a climate that promotes and nurtures diversity and equity for all faculty, staff, and students.

Increase the recruitment and retention of minority faculty and staff by ensuring minority representation on faculty search committees and increasing the number of qualified minority and female applicants in faculty and staff searches.

Increase the recruitment and retention of minority students by working collaboratively with the Office of Student Financial Services in the administration of funds for the recruitment and retention of minority students through enhanced scholarship support and recruitment visits to high schools that have high concentrations of students of color and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Develop courses and include teaching materials and/or modules in current courses to increase opportunities for gaining knowledge and understanding of the unique history, contributions, and perspectives of underrepresented groups.

Adopted Spring 2011

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