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Mechanical Engineering Lab

Mechanical Lab

The Lowell M. and Judith Carolyn Guthrie Mechanical Engineering Lab in the Department of Engineering Technology at UNA is equipped with multiple state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. The facility incorporates a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) room for manufacturing classes and student project work. The lab serves the mechanical engineering teaching purposes in material and structural analysis, computer aided design, manufacturing, and automated fabrication.

Courses taught in the facility include ET 150 Computer Aided Drafting and Design, ET 310 Introduction to Solid Modeling, ET 200 Manufacturing Processes, ET 320 Statics and Strength of Materials, ET 300 Materials Science, ET 340 Power Transfer Technology and more.

Automated Fabrication Equipment:

1. MakerBot Replicator 2X Desktop 3D Printer


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The MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D Printer is an advanced desktop 3D printer with dual extrusion that is optimized for printing with MakerBot ABS and Dissolvable Filament. It is capable to create complex designs with intricate or interior supports using dissolvable filament. Connections via USB or SD Card are supported.

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 2. BenchMill 6000 CNC Machining Center

BenchMill 6000

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CNC Milling Technology introduces students to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling by working with a variety of machining applications with the BenchMill 6000.

Students learn the fundamentals of CNC milling by working with industrial-based equipment to accurately machine series of complex parts. The machining center features an intuitive software interface and conforms to industrial EIA, ISO, Fanuc and G&M code standards.

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 3. BenchTurn 7000 CNC Turning Center

BenchTurn 7000

The BenchTurn 7000 comes equipped with 2-axis stepper motors, ball screws, a variable speed brushless spindle motor, limit/home switches, and an MT3 taper spindle with MT2 taper tailstock. The BenchTurn 7000 uses EIA, ISO, and Fanuc-compatible G&M code programs to cut parts in a variety of materials.

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Material and Structural Analysis Equipment:

1. SM1090 Rotating Fatigue Machine

Rotating Fatigue Machine

The SM1090 rotating fatigue machine demonstrates the fatigue failure of materials when subject to alternating stresses. Based on Wohler's design, it uses a motor to rotate a circular cantilever specimen with a load at its free end. It is in two parts: a robust main unit, and a separate control and instrumentation unit.

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2. ADMET eXpert 2600 Dual Column Testing System

Dual Column Testing Machine

This testing system is capable of performing tension, compression and flexure tests. It comes with a full line of grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers and heating and cooling systems.

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3. Phase II 900-331D Rockwell Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Phase II hardness testers are renowned for their precision and cutting edge design. The 900-331 Rockwell Hardness Tester combines ease of use with reliable precision and accuracy. Conforming to ASTM E-18 Rockwell Hardness tester standards, the 900-331D hardness tester offers excellent repeatability in all standard Rockwell Hardness scales.

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4. Carver Bench Top Manual Heated Model CH (4386) Press

Melt Press

This press is a 12-ton, manual, two-column hydraulic lab press with digital heated platens. Daylight opening adjustable to 15". Easy-to-read dual scale analog gauge, reading in pounds force and metric tons. Electrically heated platens for temperatures up to 650 deg F (343 C upon request) with digital controller per platen.

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Engineering Technology Computer Lab:

Computer Lab

Equipped with 24 high-performance PCs for engineering drawing draft, 3D modeling, computer aided design, CNC programming as well as other class activities.

Number of seats: 24

Software installed: AutoCAD, Solidworks, CNC Motion, CNC Base, ANSYS, etc.

Electrical and Control Lab

Robotics and Controls Equipment:

Robot Arm - SCORBOT-ER 4u

Robot Arm

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The SCORBOT-ER 4u is a versatile and reliable system for industrial robotics training and education.  The robot’s speed and repeatability make it highly suited for both stand-alone operations and integrated use in automated workcell applications such as robotic welding, machine vision, CNC machine tending and other FMS operations

The robot is supported by SCORBASE robotics programming and control software. Optional RoboCell 3D graphic software lets students design, create and control simulated industrial workcells, and provides dynamic simulation of the robot and workcell devices during position teaching and program execution.

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