Natasha S. Lindsey

Associate Professor, Instructional Technology & Design

       Natasha S. Lindsey


Dr. Lindsey assists faculty in broadening and developing skills sets through technology to provide quality-learning experiences for students. This includes assistance in designing new courses, re-designing older courses, mentoring new faculty, and consultations with faculty members who are transitioning from traditional courses to a hybrid and/or online formats, or need assistance with content delivery, and course materials development. She maintains a wide-ranging knowledge of pedagogical practices for education (behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, connectivism etc.) Models structured teaching strategies, methods, skills and student activities through a fully developed master course in Canvas which faculty may use as a template for course design purposes. She manages a variety of professional development opportunities for faculty associated with trends, technology and pedagogical practices. Dr. Lindsey serves as a Quality Matters (QM) Coordinator with annually certified roles of Review Manager, Master Reviewer, Peer Reviewer, and Professional Development Trainer. She assists UNA faculty in obtaining QM training, roles, and for obtaining QM Course recognition, which demonstrates quality to accrediting bodies, peers and students. Additionally, she serves on external QM review teams and facilitates QM workshops outside of UNA to stay abreast of trends in quality assurance and higher education course offerings. Dr. Lindsey also serves as the Micro-credential Program Manager for the College of Education and Human Sciences and serves as lead faculty for the Instructional Technology & Design Micro-credential program.

Research Interests

  • Instructional Leadership &amp
  • Design


  •   Instructional Leadership, Design and Technology (PhD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Business Administration (MBA)
    University of North Alabama
  •   Marketing (BS)
    University of North Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions