Welcome to the Department of Geography!

Welcome to the Department of Geography at the University of North Alabama!

Course Offerings: Fall 2015 (Undergraduate)

Course Offerings: Fall 2015 (Graduate)

Textbook List: Fall 2015 (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Graduates!


Name Degree Thesis

Lane, Jesse M.

Dr. Michael Pretes (advisor)

Master of Science in Geospatial Science Maritime Exposure and Economic Prosperity: Why Location Matters

Maloney, James P.

Dr. Jonathan Fleming (advisor)

Master of Science in Geospatial Science Perspective Based Concealment Analysis

Miller, Timothy A.

Dr Greg Gaston (advisor)

Master of Science in Geospatial Science The Effect of Beaver Dams on Nutrition and Stream Quality in North Alabama Streams

Odhiambo, Mary G.

Dr. Francis Koti (advisor)

Master of Science in Geospatial Science Spatial Incidence of Obesity in the State of Alabama


Name Degree Concentration Minor
Allen, Matthew C. GIS CIS
Brackin, Samuel L. GIS CIS
Burcham, Tyler K. GIS MILS
Chapman, Christopher W. General Geography
Ferguson, Ross N, General Geography INTL
Fore, Christina D. General Geography
Green, Tucker M. General Geography
Hoffman, Jeffery M. General Geography
Johnson, Katelyn S. GIS
Kachelman, Alan J. GIS BNAD
Keener, Carrie L. General Geography HIST
Miller, Royce J. GIS
Murphy, John E. GIS
O'Conner, Sharon C. GIS
Rager, Jacob L. GIS
Siegel, Benjamin A. GIS MILS
Simpson, Laquanda M. GIS
Thompson, Chad R. Business Geography
Wade, Erin T. GIS
Spidel, Katelyn D. GIS French and GEOHCI/UX

Our department offers a range of courses and degree options all of which are organized to match a student to their professional and career goals and then to match them with industry opportunities. Our program is unique because of the educational and professional experiences offered to students. Courses offered include Geographic Information Systems, Urban and Regional Planning, Biogeography, Geomorphology, Environmental Hazards, Human Geography, as well as a wealth of other courses in the areas of physical geography, human geography, and nature and society interaction. Tools that students learn to apply include GPS, geographic information systems (GIS), digital image processing, and others.

The Department of Geography has eight full-time faculty members and one professor emeritus with specialties in various areas of applied geography. There are over 150 students majoring in geography at our University. Each student is assigned a faculty member who will help them organize their university courses and support them in career planning. In addition, all faculty members are open to course planning and career advisement for students. Therefore, students can seek consultation with multiple faculty members. As students progress through the geography curriculum, they may have the opportunity to work with faculty on individual research projects, support existing faculty research, and/or obtain internships and cooperative education positions.

If geography is of interest to you or you have questions regarding the possibilities in geography-related careers, please contact Dr. Francis Koti, Chair of the Department of Geography at or 256-765-4246