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Alabama Geographic Alliance

The Alabama Geographic Alliance’s vision is that Alabama teachers, students, and citizens will apply their geographic knowledge of the world in order to better understand the global economy, environment, culture, community, and workplace.

The AGA is an educational partnership between individuals and organizations who value a foundation of geographic knowledge and understanding and who will to work within the State of Alabama to accomplish this vision. The Alliance will build a support base of leaders within government, industry, business, and academia who support the importance of geographic knowledge within the workforce and the global economy. The Alliance will accomplish this vision through a three‐pronged approach that involves:

  • Offering professional development,
  • Influencing education policy decisions, and
  • Incorporating the business community and other constituents into the process.

The mission of the Alabama Geographic Alliance is two-fold: 

  • Increase geography literacy among Alabama students by strengthening the quality and quantity of geography instruction in Alabama schools
  • Advocate for policies supportive of geography education by working with legislators, the State Department of Education, and local school districts.

Students, and ultimately the state of Alabama, will benefit from a population that has the geographic knowledge and skills for employment in the geospatial industry and for lifelong decision-making.  At its core, the Alabama Geographic Alliance’s mission is educational, providing teachers with in‐service, pre‐service, and informal professional enrichment activities and materials to support student growth in spatial thinking, geography content, and geospatial technology skills.

 For more information, please email or call Lisa Keys-Mathews ( or 256-765-4640)


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