Education Abroad Programs


Through Magellan Exchange Programs (MEP) UNA students will have a choice of attending a university in over 15 different countries. MEP offers students short-term summer, semester, or year-long abroad opportunities. Through the Magellan Program UNA students are able to expand their education beyond Florence AL to any place in the world.


Bachelor and master level students are welcome to participate. Through MEP students are able to take preapproved classes at any MEP associated institution from around the world and receive UNA credit! Many classes are taught in English.



The housing options can vary, depending on the university the student chooses. The typical options do include:
  • Dormitory
  • Living with a host family
  • Shared housing
  • Apartment
Just like at UNA students are randomly assigned a roommate unless they specify otherwise and could live with a US student, another international student, or a domestic student of the host country.



Students will pay normal tuition and fees for the course associated with the Education Abroad Experience. Students are 100% responsible for:
  • Application fee ($172)
  • Passport ($145)
  • Student Visa ($100 - $200)
  • iNext Health insurance ($48)
  • Airfare
  • Meals - students can expect this to cost relatively the same amount as a UNA Meal Plan
  • Room and Board – students can also expect to pay approximately the same amount as they would for on-campus housing at UNA
  • In country transportation – Public transportation is much cheaper abroad students have options of trains, buses, taxis, etc. 
  • Souvenirs
Costs out of pocket are typically in the $3000+ range depending on program destination and program length.