UNA Student Handbook


All information has been reviewed by respective areas. Here are some key policy additions and updates.

  • New Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Free Speech and Assembly Policy (formerly Campus Speaker Policy)
  • Student Complaint Policy
  • Medical Withdrawal Policy
  • New Campus Map
  • New Location for University Health Services
  • New Location for Student Counseling Services
  • UNA Statement on Alcohol Use
  • Link to Academic Calendar

The University of North Alabama is a beautiful place for photographing moments of your special occasions; throughout the year, graduates and others are on campus to capture images at some of our most iconic locations, including the Harrison Fountain, the President’s Home, and the George H. Carroll Lion Habitat. We ask that you use:

  • Flower Petals
  • Plant or bird seed
  • Vanishing Confetti
  • Ribbon wands
  • Bubbles

Avoid paper, plastic, and/or foil confetti as part of your Instagram-worthy shots. This kind of confetti takes a toll on our environmental footprint, clogging our drains and pumps and getting scattered throughout flowerbeds and walkways. It also can be mistaken for food by birds and other wildlife. Quite simply: Throwing confetti and leaving it behind is littering. We take pride in the appearance of our campus, and we ask that you please help us keep the UNA campus beautiful and environmentally sustainable as well as safe for birds and other wildlife.