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The University of North Alabama is proud to partner with businesses and organizations to provide employees with opportunities to advance their education and career. UNA welcomes opportunities to explore new partnerships that will benefit companies and organizations by providing employees with more accessible and affordable education that will aide in their professional development and bring additional value to your institution.

If your business or organization is interested in partnering with UNA to provide high-quality educational opportunities to advance your workforce, contact us at or download the University of North Alabama Partnerships brochure.

If you're an employee at a UNA partner organization, or interested in finding out if your employer is already a UNA partner, use the search box below to find your employer and learn more about your partner benefits.

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Employee Benefits

Do you work for a UNA partner organization? Through that partnership, you may be eligible for a tuition scholarship and other benefits that will help you overcome the challenges of advancing your education as a working student.

Use the search box above to find out if your employer partners with UNA and what benefits are available to you.

Create a Partnership

Are you an employer interested in learning more about partnering with the University of North Alabama? Let us work with you to design a plan that supports your goals.

Contact to start the conversation.

Some reasons to partner with UNA:

  • Tuition scholarships
  • Train your workforce
  • Recruit and retain talented employees
  • Access to UNA career fairs and graduate recruiting tools
  • Access to campus events and career fairs
  • Connection to UNA faculty, staff, and student resources
  • Enhanced involvement and relationship with the UNA community
  • No-cost commitment

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