Public Relations and Communications

Public Relations and Communications disseminates University news and information to our constituents, including faculty, students, alumni, staff, the media, federal and local governments, and neighboring communities.

While the primary function of Public Relations and Communications is writing, editorial and public affairs, Public Relations and Communications is also responsible for strengthening the institution’s image and helping to relay UNA’s mission more effectively to parents, faculty, alumni, potential donors, prospective students and the general public.

Public Relations is charged with developing press releases for radio, print, web and television media.  Additional functions include planning and organizing press conferences, developing media relations and providing UNA with media crisis management.

Tips to remember for Public Relations and Communications:

We want to provide you with the best service possible, while also providing you with the best vehicle to get the word out!  So first things first, remember to fill out a press release form.  This will help us better understand what you’re trying to accomplish and when it needs to be completed.

Photography services are used for publicity, marketing and advertising purposes.  We will do our best to accommodate the many requests we receive, but as much advance notice as you can provide would be greatly appreciated!   Please fill out the photo shoot request form.

Press releases are written and distributed to the media for possible coverage.  We will tell your story; we just need to know about it!  Please inform us in advance and fill out a press release request form.

In some cases, a press release might not be the best option.  Because of that, our office will work with you to determine whether a story will be a press release, a social media post, a pitch to the media, all three or none!  Stories will be posted on and Twitter, and will be sent to various media outlets. 

Press Conferences are planned and coordinated through the Office of Communications and Marketing. Press Conferences are reserved strictly for major news announcements. Determination for a news conference is at the discretion of the president and the Office of Communications and Marketing.

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