Media Relations

Tell us your story

Our news staff maintains contact with a variety of local, regional and national media, feeding them UNA news stories on a regular basis. What stories are occurring in your department? If you think you don’t have one, think again. You don’t have to win a big award or land a multimillion-dollar grant to make headlines. Often, the best stories are some of the simplest, most unassuming ones. You may have a great news story in your department without even realizing it.

When you do have a story to share with the media, please remember that all news pitches to the media must come through our media-relations staff. Let us know of your story by completing our convenient Press Release Request Form.

Shelf Life

Have you ever heard that today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish wrap? News stories expire very quickly – usually within 24 hours – which means that reporters are interested in only the most current events. If your story occurred last week, it will be tough to pitch. Our news staff should be notified of your story as far in advance as possible. It’s impossible to contact them too early.

When a reporter calls

If you get a call from a reporter, he or she may not necessarily be working on a UNA-related story. Often, reporters need expert comments on a topic you happen to be an expert on. For example, if the story is on the local economy, a reporter may want a comment from an economics professor. If you feel comfortable speaking with the reporter, then by all means give an interview. If a reporter has left you a message to call back, please return his or her call as quickly as possible. Reporters are usually on very tight deadlines, and a call returned tomorrow is usually too late.

If a reporter calls about a UNA-related story, please ask whether the reporter has first come through our office. If he or she has not, then politely explain that media must come through the Office of University Communications when working on stories about the university or any of its programs. Offer to transfer him or her to our office at 4225.

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