Set a Cascade Server asset to not automatically publish

Starting in the Fall 2014 semester, the digital communications team implemented auto-publishing for the website in Cascade Server. This means that every 2-weeks the system will automatically publish all available assets to our web server. Enabling an auto-publish such as this will allow the university's digital communications team to easily make enhancements to the UNA website without needing to ask all Web Lions to go out and publish their sites after a site-wide change. If you have sites or pages still in development and DO NOT want them to auto-publish on our schedule, you can disable publishing on an individual asset basis. This will allow you to finish development of the asset and publish later, when the asset is finished. Here's how:

Disable Folder Publishing

Disable folder publishing

To disable folder publishing,

  1. click on the "Edit" tab of the folder in question
  2. Uncheck "Include when publishing" in the Metadata Set options for Publish
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. When you're ready to publish the folder again, simply re-check the box from #2 above and Submit.

Disable Page Publishing

Disable page publishing

To disable publishing of a page,

  1. Click the "Edit" tab of the desired page
  2. Click on the "System" Editing sub-option
  3. Un-check "Include when publishing"
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. When you're ready to start publishing this page again, simply re-check the box from #3 above and Submit