How to make a Form using Cascade

To build a form within Cascade you will need to follow these steps:
See a sample form.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the root directory you are wanting to work in.
  2. Select the "New" dropdown in the blue bar at the top of Cascade
    1. Select the "Form Builder" out of the options listed
  3. Type out the Systme Name to be within Cascade. (This will also be the filename and will end in .html once published.)
  4. Make sure the Parent Folder path is where you want the form to go.
  5. Type out the Display Name. (This is the text that displays in your website's left column navigation.)
  6. Type out the Title of the form.

The Email Section

  1. The "From" section should not be changed, this is to make sure the email sent from the form is easy to differentiate from other emails.
  2. The "Subject" is the subject of the email you or the recipient will see. This is used to differentiate from other emails.
  3. The "Recipient is where the email from the form will be sent too. You can have multiple recipients just click the '+' icon to add more recipients.

Form Instructions 

This is the field where you can input instructions for the form. If you have any specific restrictions or wanting the form filled out a certain way this is where you will clarify this. You can also input images, links, etc. into this field.


This is where you can input a subheading for the form. This is used to separate the form into multiple sections. 


The fields or "subsection>>input" is where you will input the types and labels of the fields you want for the form.

Here is a list of the specific fields and a brief description of each type:

  • Checkbox - Used to agree to submitting private information or agreeing to specific terms
  • Date - This is used to input a date. When the user clicks on this field a small calendar will be presented and allow them to choose a date
  • Dropdown - This is used to select an option form a listing of several different options (e.g. majors)
    • You can add how ever many variables to the selection the user has by clicking the '+' icon under the variable section
  • Email - This is where the user inputs their email address
  • File - This is used to upload a specific file you would like to be submitted with the form. (e.g. Microsoft Office Files, PDFs, and Images. Any other files are restricted and will not be able to be uploaded.)
  • Number - Here is where the user can input a number. You can set up a minimum value and a maximum value and set up an interval for the numbers (Be sure to clarify these values in the help text.)
  • Radio - This is where the user can select specific options like gender. The radio buttons show up as little bubbles that highlight when clicked on
  • Phone - this input type only allows numerals to be input and is restricted to 10 characters
  • States - This input type will automatically create a dropdown input populated with all 50 states
  • Text - This input allows single line text entries
  • Text Area - This input allows multi - line text entries
  • Time - This input allows for the submission of time-based entries
  • URL - Here is where the user can input a URL.

The Submit Button Text

By default this button text is "Send". You can change this to be text like "Submit".

The Submission Response 

This is the text that pops up after the user hits the button to submit the form. In Cascade it show the preview of this text at the bottom of the page but when the page is live on the website the text will not appear until the user hits the button to send off the form. 

Finishing Up 

When you are finished making changes to the new form and are ready to submit to Cascade, be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the Cascade page to save your form updates. 

After you submit your changes and are wanting the page to go live on the website be sure to go to "Publish" and Publish your work.

If you want to see this information put to action please be sure to check out the video below!